Weather...or...Weather Not?

Weatherton Elementary School 
Weatherville, USA 11122

Dear Fourth Grade Students: 

Each Friday morning, the students and teachers of Weatherton Elementary produce a morning show that is broadcast over television at our school. This show includes announcements, acknowledgments, and other tidbits worth sharing. This show is the way we begin our morning and has become a huge success. However, there is one part missing. Take a moment, and think about what is one of the first things you see when you look at the news. You guessed it - the weather! The weather is an important part of our lives and an accurate forecast helps us to plan activities.

I have a task for my fantastic fourth graders. I would like for you to develop a weather segment for our Friday morning show. It will be totally up to you to decide what you want to include in the segment. You will have a blast. You will get to use weather tools, work with computers to produce the segment, work with cameras, and interact with real meteorologists. Not only will you have a ball, but you will also be learning skills from our standards. What better way for you to learn about weather than becoming an actual meteorologist? You can also use the knowledge that you have gained to create a severe weather plan for your family.  Thank you for helping us with this project.  I am looking forward to your broadcasts. 


Mr. Goodfellow


Before You Begin:

Complete the following activities before you begin your work to give you a feel for meteorology.

    Look at the news.  What do you notice about the weather forecast?
   USA Today-
             Look at this web page to become familiar with weather terminology.
   Look at the weather portion  of the newspaper.  What does a cold front look like?  A warm front? 
             What are the high and low temperatures for your city?

Project Teams:

With the guidance of your teacher your class will be divided into four teams:  The Local Meteorologists, The Online Meteorologists, The Storm Team, and The Production Team.  You will serve on each team for one week.  By the end of the project, you will have participated on each of the four teams.

The Weather Project
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Weekly Science Journal


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Storm Team

Online Meteorogists

Local Meterologists

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Author(s): Wanda McMichael, Linda Payne, Emmie Thirlwell
School: Sheridan Elementary, Orangeburg Consolidated School District #5, Bamberg-Calhoun-Orangeburg Math/Science Hub
Created: March 4, 2001 - Updated: April 18, 2001