Winter 2001 LInC Group and Individual Project Work

Presentation/Summary Page

One presentation web page per project-team is fine. That page should clearly show information needed for each educator on the project (ex: learner outcomes, standards, learner description, ... if they are different for different team members)

Scenario Page

Each member of all teams will write their own individual scenario web page. This web page describes how that project will play-out for that team member's "students" and the role of that team member. This is written from the perspective of a "fly on the wall."

Web Pages and Rubric for Students

The web pages for students and rubric for "students" must address the needs of the "students" of each team member. In some cases, this can be accomplished using the same web pages for different classes. In other cases, you may need to create some customized web pages to address different audiences. Example: 2nd graders and 7th graders working on a project would need different intro pages and resources.

Please discuss with your facilitator how this applies to your project.

Unit Description Before LInC

Each member of all teams will write their own "unit description before LInC" web page.

Staff Development Plan

The whole LInC team (everyone from same agency) will create one staff development plan together.