Technical Writing for Skill Development


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Rough Draft Quality

1 Point

Published and Adequate

2 Points

Exceptional Publication

3 Points
1. Ideas/Content Main ideas and purpose are somewhat unclear. The writing is clear. The topic is explored and explained. The writing is very clear. The topic is thoroughly explored and explained.
2. Voice No voice is evident. The audience is confused by the writing. Voice is evident and the intended audience has been considered in the writing. The voice is appropriate for the topic, purpose, format and audience.
3. Organization The basic topics are present. The organization is poor and the directions are not clear. The writing has some organization and the directions are somewhat clear. The writing is logically organized and directions are exceptionally clear.
4. Conventions Errors in usage, spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Standard writing conventions are followed. Minor errors occur in the writing. The writing shows strong control of writing conventions (punctuation, spelling, capitalization, paragraph breaks and grammar usage). Very few errors appear.
5. Sentence Fluency The sentences tend to be incomplete, rambling and or awkward. The sentence structures distract from the overall impact of the writing. The writing is effective and the sentences are consistent, expressive and understandable.
6. Word Choice A limited number of words are used. Verbs are weak. Words are misused. A variety of words are used. The words convey a message. Interesting and precise words are used to provide accuracy and impact.
7. Accuracy Facts and processes contain many errors. The facts and processes are accurate. The facts and processes used are completely accurate.
Total Possible Points 35

Created for the Fermi lab Line program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office, Friends of Fermi lab, United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, and North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL).
Author: Becky Billigmeier
School: Turner Unified School District, Kansas City, KS
Created: June 12, 1998