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Your task is to provide a service to your community. Your team will need to collaborate with a local, non profit organization to produce technical instructions for projects they will be using in our community. Many local organizations who have equipment and volunteers, need clear, concise directions for utilizing their resources. Use the Internet to generate a list of possible non-profit agencies that may be able to use your expertise.

Service Learning Technical Writing

Special Projects

Kansas City Cares


Technical Writing:

Your task is to research and to write a set of instructions for a specific reader or group of readers describing the
procedures for accomplishing a tasks necessary to .

Online Technical Writing: Instructions Planner


Neil Christansen's Guide to Technical Writing

Technical Writing Information Desk

Technical Topics on the Internet

Facts related to technical topics are available on many web sites. They will provide some of the technical terms and processes that will prove helpful as you publish your technical writings.

Technical Writing Projects

Technical Writing Teams

Searching the Internet for Facts

Searching the Internet for facts using search engines can be rewarding and frustrating. Internet search engines can do a great amount of work for you when you are looking for that certain piece of information. However, all search engines do not work in the same way. To learn the ways of the search engines try some of these sites:

Internet Searching

Internet Research

Search Engines

Internet Search Tools


As you research your topic and write technical directions for your chosen audience, you may want to contact a technical writer for advice and mentoring.

rolybear@usa.netWriter's Forum

Technical Writing Careers

Get to know more about Technical Writing Careers by exploring these web sites.

Technical Writers: Who, What, Where, When & Why

Technical Communicators

Prospective Employers for Technical Writers

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Author: Becky Billigmeier
School: Turner Unified School District, Kansas City, KS
Created: May 12, 1998