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Click on the following links for activities regarding the Rouge River Project, water pollution and to continue the writing of our creative pollution story. In the section following (scroll down), you will find the links for your animal research.

Rouge River Activities

Our Pollution Story

Earth Dog

Project Rubric

Search the following links on this web page for answers to the questions:
Where does your animal come from (look for country, region, environment)?
Is your animal on the endangered specie list? If so, at what level?
How can we help this animal survive?
What does this animal eat?
What are the prey/predator relationships?
Use the research sheet that you created in class to research the other questions that you created.

Web Sites for Zoos, Aquariums and other useful information:
Oakland Zoo, CA
Washington Univ. Zoo, St. Louis, Missouri
Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo
Birmingham Zoo, AL
Sea World
Hanover Zoo, Deutschland
San Diego Zoo CA.,
ZooKid's World
Knowledge Adventure Encycloypedia
Web Site with Pictures of animals only, no text
Michigan Electronic Learning - Zoos and Animals
More useful Zoo links
Internet Site for comparing animals, need E-Mail)

Snowy Owls:
Paul Asimow's snowy owl page

Hanover Zoo's Snowy Owl Page
Snowy Owl

Endangered Species Facts U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Giant African Land Snail Pages
Snails by Julian Simon
Manus Island tree-snail
Marine Snails - Hatfield Marine Science Center - Newport, Oregon

Gopher Tortoise

Desert Tortoise
Sea World's Sea Turtles

Praying Mantis:
Praying Mantis: Not a Religious Insect

Praying Mantis Central - Furman University
Praying Mantis - University of Waterloo

"Beavers" by Jarika Bzdel

"The Beaver" by Josh Stone
Beaver Home Page

The National Opossum Society

Skunk and Opossum Web Site
Interesting stuff about Opossums
Opossums - TexasUSA

The Florida State Reptile

The American Alligator
The Gator Hole

American Crocodile

Alligators vs. Crocodiles
West African Dwarf Crocodile
Fresh and Salt Water Crocodiles
Salt Water Crocodiles

American Pitvipers

Rattlesnake ! Bayou Bob's Rattlesnake Ranch
The Ribbon Snake Page
An Interactive Guide
An Interactive Guide to Massachusetts Snakes

The Pigmy Rattlesnake Homepage - Stetson Univ.

Penguin Adaptation - Gulf of Maine Aquarium

The Penguin Page - Kevin C. Welch
Penguins - Sea World
Penquins - U C Santa Barbara
Penquins - by Travis

Polar Bears:
Polar Bears - Sea World

Polar Bears - National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Polar Bears - by Ian.Stirling
Polar Bears - Genus & Species: Ursus maritimus
TeelFamily Polar Bears

Bald agle, (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

Bald Eagle - "Fragile Legacy" - Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Bald Eagle - WorldKid Net
Eagles - National Foundation to Protect America's Eagles
Eagles -University of Alberta Museum of Zoology

Lady Bug Bits - National Wildlife Federation

"The Seven-Spot Ladybug" by Jessi
Lady Beetles: Coccinellidae - University of Florida
Lady Bugs - Hippodamia convergens

The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs

"A Thousand Friends of Frogs Home Page" - Hamline University
Welcome to Frogland
"The Froggy Page" by Sandra Loosemore
Frog Pond - Rainforest Alliance

Gold / Blue Fish:
Dean's Gold Fish Page

"Not So Common" (Gold Fish) by Tony Brehm
Fish - The Electronic Zoo
Small GoldFish
Aquatic Resources
Guides to Gold Fish Keeping
Gold Fish Corner
Blue Fish Corner
Harp Seals:
(Wyland's Kids Web) Harp Seals

Under Water World's Harp Seal
Kim's Harp Seal H.S. project
Planet Seal - Information Page
Harp Seals Page in Enclycloypedia)
Sea World - Sea Turtles

Turtles - Fresh Water
HPA/NMFS Sea Turtle Research Program
Sea Turtles -U.S Dept. of Commerce
Snapping Turtles

Koala Bears:
Melissa's Koala Bear Information

Heather's Koala Bear Information
University of Minnesota - Koala Information
Amy's Koala Bears
House Fly and Horse Fly:
Horse Flies and Deer Flies - University of Florida

House Fly - University of Florida
Horse and Deer Flies - Ohio State University
Flies - General Information
Plants and the Rainforest:
Epiphytes Plants (George Mason University)

Tropical Rainforest in Suriname
Life and Adaptations to Water - Tropical Rainforest
Rainforest - Rainforest Alliance
Biology of Tropical Rain Forests - World Wildlife Fund
Rainforest action Network


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