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Native American Dwellings


This is a new adventure in learning. All of your teachers are working together to help you learn about the Native Americans. The things you learn in science will help you in social studies, language arts and art. In science we are going to let you design your own lessons. Using the Internet will be a big part of your learning. There are two boxes to check each day. In the first you put questions that you need answered and in the second you put ideas or URL'S that may help others in their projects. You may help others and get help yourself in this way.


Where to start:

When you are in your groups you will decide what tribe or area you want to explore.

Look for sites on the Net to give you ideas.

Set up the rules for your group and write them down in your notebook.

Keep a log of what you do each day.

Assign jobs to each member of your group. You may rotate the jobs.

The Plan:

Now you have to make a plan for your project. Check your time frame.

Decide on the product you are going to make. Remember it has to be about a Native American Dwelling. The other information you gather will help you in other classes.

Check on the technology skills you will have to learn. Sign up for instructions on your card in your area. Some tutorials will be here in the science room, others in the media center and others in the computer lab.

Fill in the master chart for your project and subject.

The Rubric:

This is where you set up the rules on how your project will be judged and graded. See me for a sheet to plan the rubric and fill in the rules. Make it clear enough so others will know what you mean and you will get a fair grade.

The Project:

This is where you do your project, gather information, make a supply or equipment list and this will take the most time. You should get information from many sources, the Net, the library and even people. You can do this in person or over the Net. Some of you may want to contact students in other schools and even Native Americans. Remember Mr. Leslie taught on a reservation.

Your Presentation:

When your project is completed you will share it with your classmates. The products will be saved in the media center and on the Internet if you make a web page. When you are teaching others about your project, they will use your rubric to give you feedback and your grade.

Helpful Places to start with:

The Native Americans Information Center: http://www.Indian.com

You will want to go to some of the connecting links here.

The index of Native American Resources on the Internet: http://www1.pitt.edu/~lmitten/indians.html

This url gives you the names of many tribes and nations. After you find a tribe that interests you, use a search engine to find out more information about that tribe. http://www.nativeweb.org/

This is a site that will lead you to various NATIVE AMERICAN SITES. http://specent.com/~duster/volc2.html

Now you have a starting place to go and explore. As you find good sites for your project be sure to log them. If you find a site that is good for a different group, jot it down and put it in the special helping box. Using the Net is a lot like going on a treasure hunt. Keep looking. Also be sure to check MUSEUMS for pates about Native Americans. You will find many pictures and even some virtual field trips.

Dailey Check Up:

Each day spend a few minutes checking out how you are doing and planning the next days work. Share with each other what you have found and where you have to search, or work you need to do. Keep a good attitude and remember: You are responsible for your own learning.


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Author(s): Carolyn C. Dunmore e-mail dunmore @aol.com
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Created: May19,1998
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