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Welcome to the Winter 1999 LInC Online program. We are excited to have you with us. We are looking forward to our journey together. At this point, you probably have a lot of questions. Most can be answered by going over the information included on

Getting Started in LInC Online - Orientation and

and completing the first two sets of assignments on the

Winter 1999 LInC Assignments Sheet

and browsing over the material covered on these pages. The assignment sheet includes links to all the resources we think will help you with each assignments as it is listed.

If you have any trouble, post a message on the course online bulletin board (COW) for help .... your colleagues or facilitators will be happy to help out. And always have a pencil and notepad handy while working during this course, to jot down questions you may have, tips and/or ideas you find, and anything that you want to share. Jokes are especially appreciated!

General Course Information

Here are a few important bits of information that you need to be aware of:

Technical Information for Communications and Tools

The following information is "nitty-gritty" stuff that you will need as we progress through the course. We don't expect you to know what this all means at the beginning - You will be given this information when needed along with instructions on what it all means. But it is nice to have it in one spot that you can bookmark, or print out, so that you have it as a reference. That is why we are including it now. No, there is not going to be a quiz over this section!

Web Page Resources

Communication Tools

Passwords and account information will be sent via e-mail to the course listserv as it is needed. (These wouldn't offer very good protection if they were posted on a web page :-)

Web Publishing

Passwords and account information will be sent via e-mail to the course listserv as it is needed.

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