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Mahtomedi High School Staff Development




Living in the most advanced technological country in the world it is the goal of the Mahtomedi High School, parents teaching staff and District Office to prepare each student to be successful in life. As a urban school of St. Paul, Minnesota a large percentage of the of 850 students continue thier education at a four year college. Mahtomedi High School is committed to the future of it's students.


Mission Statement:

The teaching staff will be allowed to choose a instructional methodology to develop curriculum for students at MHS to experience success in the use of self directed distance learning. (see reading resources)



Step 1.

Have a meeting with the school districts technology coordinator, curriculum coordinator, staff development coordinator and building principal. This meeting will be used explain what will be expected of the participates and what support the school district will need to commit to for a successful environment. Based on resources available and time permitting this group of people will decide how long the staff development last. A demonstration of engaged learning using best technology will be presented. ie Fermilab LInC Online

Step 2.


Step 3.


Step 4.


Step 5.


Humanistic Needs:

We need the impact and support from;


Technological Needs:


A chance to show the teaching staff what Jenny and I have learned.

Time line:

Step 1. Administration coordination - two meetings

Step 2. Introduction/Informational meeting - one half day of teachers in service. Anyone who wants to come a see what the possibilities could be are invited

Step 3. Meeting for forming teams and topics - after school.

Step 4. Software demonstration - after school. (what ever it takes)

Step 5. Team bi-weekly meetings - after school.


Administration Coordinators and participates will create goals and benchmarks.

Teams will meet bi-weekly and do self evaluations based on goals set using rubrics

Staff development leaders will meet with the school district office coordinators on a bi-monthly bases and review evaluations and progresson teams.


Created for the Fermi lab Line program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermi lab, and funded by United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), and the National Science Foundation.

Author(s): Jennifer Casket (jcaskey@ties.k12.mn.us) and Mark LeFeber (mlefeber@ties.k12.mn.us)
School: Mahtomedi High School, Minnesota
Created: March 26, 1999 - Updated: May 12, 1999
URL: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/lincon/w99/projects/coasters/student.html