Staff Development Home Page

As we approach the ambitious task of defining staff development for engaged learning and technology integration, we are confronted with a multitude of challenges that face school districts as they plan, hire, and allocate funds for effective induction and staff development models. According to the Journal of Staff Development, "Effective staff development focuses on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of teachers, administrators, and other school employees so all students can learn and perform at high levels." Our goal is to develop a framework that will provide effective staff training for improved student learning through engaged learning and the integration of technology in all curricular areas. The staff development pages of LInC Online will guide you through the process of designing opportunities that will best utilize your potential in the capacity of a staff developer. You will find assignments on these pages. Be sure to check with your facilitator to know which assignments you are responsible to complete to meet the expectations of the course.

Where Do We Begin?

This is a lesson to reflect upon what you currently know about professional development and how you can make progress in your school or district.

Staff Development Plan Components

This page has detailed information about what your action plan should contain. There are links to several examples, as well as tips for creating your plan.

Staff Development Adult Characteristics

The characteristics of adult learners are different than those of the students we see in our classes. We need to be aware of and sensitive to their special needs.

Staff Development Reading Resource Page

This is a resource page of Web-linked articles dealing with the various aspects of professional development.

Action Plan Guiding Questions

This is a page of guiding questions for building a staff development plan.
This template for action plan Web page is here for you to use and it includes the appropriate header and footer.

Action Plan Rubric

This is the assessment tool that will be used for the action plan you will develop.

District Technology Plan Rubric

This is the rubric used for whole district plans. If a school uses this rubric, please scale accordingly.