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Big Six Assignment Organizer

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Fill out Big Six # 1-5 before you begin work on the assignment. Fill out #6 before you turn the assignment in to your teacher.

Big6 #1: Task Definition

 What am I supposed to do?







What information do I need in order to complete this assignment?


















Big6 #2: Information Seeking StrategiesBig6

What are the possible sources to find this information?




Which ones are best for me?



#3: Location and Access

Where will I find this information?


Where will I look in the resource to find the information?



Who will help me find the information?



Big6 #4: Use of Information

 How will I record the information?

____ take notes on cards

_____ take notes on notebook paper

_____ take notes using a data chart

_____ take notes on note sheets

_____ other

 How will I credit my sources?

_____ write citation on note cards

_____ write citation on note sheets

Big6 #5: Synthesis

What product or performance will I make to finish my assignment?



How will I give credit to my sources in my final product?

_____ include a written bibliography

_____ verbally tell which sources I use

_____ other

Big6 #6: Evaluation

 How will I know that I have done my best ( all must be checked before assignment is turned in)

_____My final product is what I was supposed to do in #1.

_____Information found in #4 matches information needed in #1.

_____I gave credit to my sources in MLA or APA format.

_____My work is neat.

_____My work is complete and includes my name and the date.

Copyright Eisenberg/Berkowitz, 1990.

Copyright Organizer Barbara A. Jansen, 1995

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Created: March 29, 1999