Community Heritage Project




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First you will review the Big6 process in regard to this problem.

Next you will break into groups according to like interests to choose a topic about your community to research.

As part of this project, you will attend a three hour Super Host training to be Super Hosts. This training will be invaluable to you in promoting your community.

Then you will complete a Big6 organizer. Several resources are listed on the resource page as well. As part of your investigation you will be required to solicit stories about your topic from former and /or current residents via e-mail. You will also follow the Big6 process to complete your task. After you have finished you will also complete a Big6 Evaluation.

After you have completed your investigations, all groups will complete a printed promotional brochure.

How will your group chose to contribute to your community? Your group will have to choose to complete either a computer presentation, a web page, or video footage or a format of your choice for promotional purposes. In what ways will your group investigate the format chosen to insure quality products?

Last you will finish the chosen project to be used by the CIA to promote your town at their information center, museum, and other historic building sites. You will unveil your products at a community gathering to kick off summer.


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Author(s): Pam Birkeland, e-mail :
School: Golden Triangle Curriculum Cooperative, Shelby, MT
Created: March 15, 1999