Community Heritage Project

Online Resources


General Resources

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper: a website created by a 12 year old boy and his dad. Over 550 sights to help fellow students access information on the WWW.

Dogpile: a Metasearch engine, a search engine that searches a host of other search engines and directories all at once.


The Big6 Home page: an overview of the process with example

St. Agnes Academy: pages containing actual Big6 projects

Big Six Digits: Follow the steps of the process for an actual Big6 project on site at an archaeological digsite.

Kindred, ND schools Big6 Projects: Learn about Big6 and visit actual projects using Big6.

Teaching Information Literacy: The Big Six Skills Approach: Pam Barney's (Instructional Resource Center, Central Florida University)page describing the process and how it works.

Internet Basics

Training Technology Seminars: Tutorial pages for technology applications created by Kirk Lacy, Associate Professor, MSU-Billings.

Intro to the Internet & the WWW: Tutorial pages for Internet use created by Kirk Lacy, Associate Professor, MSU-Billings.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: A slide show version describing the Internet and how to use it.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: A guide to Internet information.

Oral History/Interviewing

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: A guide to Internet information.

One-Minute Guide to Conducting Oral History.

Oral History Questions: A list of great questions to ask when conducting oral histories

A Genealogy Primer: A quick overview of how to conduct genealogy research.

Media Production
Virtues of Video Production: A video production guide.

The On-Line Visual Literacy Project: A description of visual literacy, its components, and how to achieve them.

All About Special Effects: a PBS article about special effects: the history and how they are created.

Gateway to Media Literacy: a media literacy online project ( a list of links about media literacy) created by the College of Ed, University of Oregon

Web Page Construction

Life on the Internet: a list of links to HTML resources for creating web pages.

A Beginners Guide to HTML: an introductory guide for producing documents in HTML, the language for the WWW.

Getting Started with Writing Web Pages: The LInC course online guide to creating web pages.


Oral History Projects

What Did You Do in the War Grandma? : An oral history project by South Kingstown High School.

The Whole World Was Watching: A Brown University oral history project about issues from 1968.

Breton Education Centre, Community Links: A website created featuring the products of a community education project.

Community Resources

Fort Benton, MT Community Home Page: A web site that links to many separate pages of interest about the Birthplace of Montana.

Fort Benton, Montana's Heritage Complex: Visit the museums of Fort Benton, MT via the web. Learn about the history of the American West.

Spokane -- The Way It Was: A timeline of the history of Spokane, WA created by Spokane school students.

The Montana Heritage Project: the home page of the Montana Heritage Project. A project where eight Montana schools are involved in Community-Centered Education.


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Created: March 15, 1999