To: FBHS Junior English Class
CC: Mrs. Bonilla/Mrs. Birkeland
From: Muncie Kasko
Date: 04/06/99
Re: URGENT to SAVE Fort Benton


Lack of moisture, gusting winds, costs of production, lack of
government support, low prices, and excess commodities, all reasons
why fewer families are staying in agriculture, are wreaking havoc on
the economies of small rural towns across America today. As a result
towns like Fort Benton, are on the verge of withering quietly, slowly away.

As citizens of these communities, you students have an important task
ahead of you. As the next generation of rural America's citizens, the future of communities is in the hands of young people, adults of the future.

How can students help? Students can use their technology proficiencies and creativity to design products intended to promote tourism in their town or region. Will you come up with projects to do your part in saving your town from the state of dying economics? I am a member of the Community Improvement Association. I am contacting your class to help me create a top-notch video and printed brochures to promote what this community has to offer the world. By creating interesting and exciting materials, video and print, you will be contributing to saving your community from withering away.

Please, please help!! I can't do it without your help!



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