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 Welcome to Mega Inc.!

Before you begin . . .

this challenging assignment, remember YOUR team has been selected to suggest the new design of video game for the future generation of video game players. Use this page as a tracking guide to stay on task with your mission.

Research Specialist Check list:

Identify and compare the top ten current video games using current store flyers and the Toy Store Company and Manufacturer link list below.

Create questions of interest for your SURVEY BOARD MEETING (class discussion of questions to agree upon for the survey).

Decide upon the two states you would like for your survey ( include different locations: rural, urban, suburbs).

Decide upon the two schools you wish to survey.

Field Test Specialist Check list:

Create an choice form using approved questions. Please include the following: male/female, age, and grade. Choose and include response options to your questions such as: yes or no, strongly agree - agree - disagree - or strongly disagree. Also include few blank lines for personal responses.The choice form gives students options to choose from and makes graphing your information easier.

E-mail the survey to your selected schools. Keep a list of the schools that were sent the e-mail. Check daily for responses (in some cases you may need to send an additional e-mail).

Organize the incoming data on a tally sheet for your TOTAL TALLY MEETING (a giant tally sheet constructed which contains the entire classes results).


Presentation Design Specialist Check list:

Display your results in a graph of your choice using a software program (eg. ClarisWorks).

Compile a summary of your findings with recommendations for a future video game.

Organize your presentation for the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MEETING using Hyper Studio or Power point (Don't forget the big boss will be there!).

Please note: It requires all specialist to work with each other throughout the mission (each person has something special that they can contribute to the team).


Resource List

School Web Site Links (Use the links below to contact the schools of your choice.):

Web66: WWW School Registry

Discovery List of Schools

Toy Store Company and Manufacturer Links (Use the links below to contact the manufacturers and distributors.):

Toys R Us




 Pre Assessment Rubric

 Duration Rubric

Evaluation Rubric
 Post Assessment Rubric  

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