Grading System

Rules for the classroom of Ms Wittig

So that you have a better understanding of where I stand on discipline I am handing you
this important information. Please share it with your parents.

I Believe in Old Fashion Values. What does this mean?

* I believe that people should treat others the way that they would like to be treated.

* I believe that open, honest, and polite communication is a better way to resolve
problems and differences rather than threats of violence and back stabbing gossip.
Violence is not to be applauded, but shamed.

* I believe that respect is more a consideration or common courtesy that is shown to
others rather than a fear developed toward that individual.

* I believe in the saying "Hard work pays off". You usually get out what you put into
something; little effort, little return.

* I believe that the young have much to learn from those who are older. There is wisdom
that comes from experience; and experience, my friend, grows as we age. You may
have some experience, but I have more.

* I believe that education is a privilege and not a right. If your education were of true
importance to you I would see this in your actions and not just your words.

* I believe that one's personal life and one's professional life should be separate entities;
as you are professional students, please leave your personal and social life from
inhibiting your job as a student.

* I believe that each person is responsible for their own actions; accept your failures as
well as your successes.

* I believe that when people are in a group each person contributes to the success or
failure of that group.

* I believe in doing the right thing; even when all the others insist on doing the wrong
thing. Have courage enough to make your own decisions.

Therefore my student, if I ask you to leave the classroom it will be as a consequence for
violating one of these rules. A society is only as good as the sum of its parts; and if
your part is affecting the society, that is our classroom, you will need to be removed. I
can not allow the rest to suffer for the behavior of a few. This does not always mean
that I am writing a suspension for you. It may mean that you need time away from our
class until a calmer more productive environment can be attained.


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