Final Project Rubric


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 Multiple Intelligences

 Engaged Learning




     1-3 = needs more
     4-6 = has potential      7-10 = extensive
Lesson Plan contains at least two uses of technology    
Lesson Plan contains at least two uses of the Internet.    
Lesson Plan contains tasks that involve at least two Multiple Intelligences    
Lesson Plan engages learners in a real-world task or application that has real impact on the learner.    
Lesson Plan has clear objectives for students    
Lesson Plan contains well developed student pages    
Lesson Plan gives the learner control over learning    
Lesson Plan has stated a connection to the Michigan Curriculum Framework    
Lesson Plan contains an evaluation that reflects content and process    
Lesson Plan allows students to use higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills    
Total PointsEarned
(100 possible)

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Funded by the Governor's NextDay Grant and Supported by The College of Education, Western Michigan University and WayneRESA.

Author(s): Eileen Heasley ( and Sherri Johnson (
School: Detroit Public Schools, Detroit, Michigan
Created: March 1, 1999 - Updated: November 20., 1999