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EMO Weather Watchers is a regional program for Long Island. While our school is in eastern Long Island, Suffolk County, schools in western Long Island that are part of the W.A.R.M. network could use the same Website. This Website could also serve as a model for other regional school weather networks.

The sixth grade class at East Moriches School learns about weather and weather prediction in science class and how to research information using the Internet in computer class. They use charts and graphs to record and display their data. The students:

  • Set up a school weather station to collect data on local weather conditions.
  • Disseminate local weather conditions to the school and surrounding community.
  • Do a research study to see what they can learn by collecting weather data over a period of time.
  • Introduction to Research:

    Students do this project in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory meteorologists and share their data and research with Long Island and New York area schools through Project W.A.R.M., a meteorological network developed in cooperation with the Laboratory. Students learn about weather and weather prediction and how to research information using the Internet. Students develop a research question based on the analysis of weather data over time. The project to set up the weather station and develop the weather news Website takes six weeks. Collecting data, reporting the weather, participating in Project W.A.R.M. and completing the research study continue throughout the school year.

    Student work focuses on learning the components of weather, gathering data with weather measurement instruments, interpreting the data, and forecasting weather conditions. Students use the Internet as a tool to research information, share data and disseminate local weather information through a student-designed weather Website. Students also share and report information in a daily closed-circuit television report.

    To learn the information and skills needed to complete the project, the students engage in a variety of learning experiences: whole-group instruction, brainstorming, group discussion, cooperative and flexible grouping, online and offline tutorials, peer tutoring, and telecommunication and collaboration with scientists and other students.

    Learner Outcomes: Students will be able to:

    Research Questions:

    Brookhaven National Laboratory has established a Wide Area Reporting Metorological Network (W.A.R.M.) of schools with weather stations who report data to the Lab. They use the data to study the varied mini-climates on Long Island. Our students will be able to look at their data over time to answer their own research questions related to reliability of weather predictions, connections between weather factors, weather conditions on different parts of the island, etc.