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Middle School Home Energy Audit


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Now, you know about our nation's energy crisis. To examine this first-hand, check on your energy use for one week at home. You will conduct an energy audit, a detailed study of the energy use in a house or other building for the purpose of improving energy efficiency. You will be looking at Kw/hr or kilowatts per hour. You will probably want to have one of your parents or guardians help you with this project. Check to see if your class has energy audit forms available. If not, print the form below to enter your data.


Add up the results of your energy audit for the week. Your results reflect the energy cost for the week.

Now, check with your teacher to see what your group needs to do with the results.

Created for the Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab, and funded by United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), and the National Science Foundation.


Authors: Sue Emmons, Powell Middle School, Littleton, CO; Kevin Lindauer, John F. Kennedy High School, Denver, CO; Linda Lung, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO; John Sepich, Scott Carpenter Middle School, Westminster, CO; ; Janet Stellema, Monarch K-8, Louisville, CO; Edited by Marge Bardeen NTEP II Project PI.
Created: September 9, 1998 revised September 13, 2001