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Middle School Home Energy Audit


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Introduction to Research:

This project will give middle school students an opportunity to gain an understanding of energy. By conducting exercises and energy audits of their own homes, they will begin to see the importance of energy in their daily lives. By using the Internet as a research tool, students will gain knowledge about energy as well as developing research skills.

Each student will conduct a home electrical energy audit and report their findings and suggestions on ways to reduce their energy consumption and/or improve energy efficiency in the home and community.

Student Directions:

To form a complete project, several activities will guide your learning. These activities follow a sequence of learning that is designed to give a basic, yet complete, view of energy usage in the home. At each step, Internet research and your curiosity are required. After all, YOU, the student, must complete the study of your home energy usage and formulate a plan to reduce the energy consumed!

As you finish each step, search the Internet for additional ideas and current information. When your project is completed, you should be able to share and compare your energy saving findings with other groups in your class or with others around the world.


Created for the NTEP II Fermilab LInC program sponsored by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Education Office and Friends of Fermilab, and funded by United States Department of Energy, Illinois State Board of Education, North Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium which is operated by North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL), and the National Science Foundation.


Authors: Sue Emmons, Powell Middle School, Littleton, CO; Kevin Lindauer, John F. Kennedy High School, Denver, CO; Linda Lung, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO; John Sepich, Scott Carpenter Middle School, Westminster, CO; ; Janet Stellema, Monarch K-8, Louisville, CO.
Created: September 9, 1998 - Updated: October 3, 2001.