Risk Probability Table

Risk Tables

Perceived Risk Table - Risk Probability Table

Risks that Increase Probability of Death by
One Chance in a Million

(Source: R. Wilson, Analyzing the Risks of Daily Life, Technology Review, V 81, 1979)
Activity Cause of Death
Smoking 1.4 cigarettes Cancer, heart disease
Drinking 1/2 liter of wine Cirrhosis of the liver
Traveling 10 miles by bicycle Accident
Traveling 300 miles by car Accident
Flying 1,000 miles by jet Accident
Traveling 6,000 miles by jet Cancer caused by cosmic radiation
Living 2 months in average brick building Cancer caused by natural stone or radioactivity
1 chest x-ray taken in a good hospital Cancer caused by radiation
Living 2 months with a cigarette smoker Cancer, heart disease
Eating 40 tablespoons of peanut butter Liver cancer caused by aflatoxin B
Eating 100 charcoal broiled steaks Cancer from benzopyrene
Drinking 30 12 oz. cans of diet soda Cancer caused by saccharin (No longer classified as a carcenogin)
Living 5 years at site boundary of a typical nuclear power plant in the open Cancer caused by radiation
Living 20 years near PVC plant Cancer caused by vinal chloride (1976 standard)
Living 150 years within 20 miles of a nulcear power plant Cancer caused by radiation
Risk of accident by living within 5 miles of a nuclear reactor for 50 years Cancer caused by radiation