Research Plan - Suggested Steps

Your project involves answering the following questions:
  1. How risky are your activites? Says who?
  2. What can you do to lesson the risk? (Think of alternatives.)
  3. What will they cost? What are the benefits of the activities?
  4. What's the best alternative?
  5. Are these risks worth taking? Why?

Good research teams begin work by reviewing the main research questions and developing a plan that includes key steps for their work: gathering information and data, checking with experts and other researchers, analyzing data, drawing conclusions and sharing what they have learned.
Step 1: Define Project
Step 2: Gather Information
Step 3: Collaborate with Students in Other Schools
Step 4: Synthesize Information
Step 5: Share What You Have Learned
Post Team Report Form
Create Team Web Page
Give Team Presentation

Authors: Bill Britton, Mohr Elementary School, Pleasanton; Diana Fong-Wedgwood, Edison Elementary School; Tim Perrotta, Cesar Chavez Middle School, and Steven Smith, Edison Elementary School.
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