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Many physicists who study the fundamental particles and forces of our universe want to share their excitement about science with others.

2005 DATABASE: Search the database for more than 250 education and outreach programs nationwide that will interest teachers, children—and their parents!—in science, mathematics, and technology. These opportunities include websites, public talks, hands-on activities, workshops, special events, classroom materials, tours, mentoring, research participation, and more.

You may call or e-mail any of more than 100 universities and national laboratories listed here to learn more about what they offer.

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Particle physicists study matter at the very smallest scale, an exploration of the structure and interactions of the most fundamental particles that make up everything in the universe, from stars to starfish. The United States government, through the Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation, supports several large accelerator laboratories where thousands of university physicists from across the U.S. collaborate on particle physics research.

Other contacts worldwide: Education Contacts at HEP Labs