Introductory Materials

Please read all of this page and its linked pages carefully before beginning the LInC Online course. This will be vital to your success in the course!

This page contains links to many of the pages you will need to view when you are getting started in the LInC course. It links to and describes the following introductory pages needed at the beginning of the course.

Table of Contents

This is the table of contents for the LInC Web site. All of the LInC instructional web pages are linked on this page in a single column format.

Goals and Objectives

This shows you what you will be "getting" and "doing" within the framework of this course.  It also helps to remind yourself of just what it is you are getting out of all this. It helps to keep an eye on the big picture.  (Can be useful for those writing a grant)

Getting Started in the Course

This is your "Welcome to Class"/First Day of School/Freshman Orientation packet. Call it what you wish, but be sure to read it. It will help you get your bearings and be ready to roll when class starts.


What exactly do we have to produce? Here's the all-inclusive list of products to be created, as well as the rubrics the facilitators will use to assess the products they see.

Diagram of LInC Course Process: Part I
Diagram of LInC Course Process: Part II
Diagram of Resources for LInC Participants

For visual learners and participants who want a glimpse of what lies ahead, these diagrams show the big picture/process that is typical for a LInC course. Part I illustrates the early part of the course through project proposal approval. Part II illustrates the later part of the course where the proposal is collaboratively developed into a full-scale project. The last diagram shows the variety of resources available to assist you in your journey to create a quality project.

Tips for Success in LInC Online

Please read this for some suggestions on surviving and thriving in LInC Online.

Advice for Success from Past LInC Participants

We asked past participants to share their experiences with LInC teams who are starting the course. Hopefully their advice will help you be more successful in the course.

Participant Scenario

Do you want the inside line on what this is all about? Do you want to know your future? Check out this "day-in-the-life" look at what LInC Online is really like from your point of view as a participant or student.

University Credit

If you are taking the class for university credit, you will need to talk to your facilitator about getting the appropriate syllabus. You may need this as a resource for securing in-district credit if that is offered by your school district.

Meet and Greet Activity

This is the online icebreaker for the course. Come on over and let's get to know one another!


This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Check here when you're wondering about what something is or how something works. Someone else might already have asked the question.

LInC Web Site Map

This page provides a graphical representation of the LInC web site. All of the LInC instructional web pages are listed on this page using a four column format.

Help about How the LInC Web Site is Organized

This page describes how the LInC web pages are organized and explains the many methods available to help you find what you need on the site.


This is a tool to search the LInC Online pages by topic or keyword.


If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, positive feedback, or suggestions to help improve LInC Online course materials (Web pages), post a note here! Let us know what you think should be added, removed, fixed, modified, or clarified in the LInC Online Web pages.


This is a list of terms frequently used in LInC Online.