Description of End Products for LInC

Course Participation:

It is quite easy to put things off and that is why communication is a big part of your commitment to this course. In order to get the most out of your experience in this course, you should be sure to do the following:

Project Specifics:

By the end of the course, you'll have created a final draft of the following:

Staff Development Action Plan:

Your staff development plan is an "action plan" for disseminating and assessing what you have learned in this course about technology-supported engaged learning to other educators in your region.

Make sure your staff development action plan is something you will use, not a "shelf" plan. Be specific enough to cause real change, not temporary disorientation.

Final Grade:

Your final grade in the course will be the total of your scores on the following rubrics. Check with your facilitators on the exact rubrics and percentages for your particular course. The following is an example:

Proposal Rubric
(covered in project rubric)
Presentation Rubric
Scenario Rubric
Project Rubric
Page Design
(included in project rubric)
Staff Development Action Plan Rubric 
(no rubric)

The final grade is based on a percentage weighting of the points in each area. Your facilitator will tell you what the actual breakdown of the percentages will be for your particular course. They will follow the guidelines below: