Important Issues Home Page

When creating your project pages, certain issues should be taken into consideration. The following topics have been recognized as being important for both teachers and students. Utilize these sections as you and your students complete the project.

Acceptable Use

Every school/district should have an acceptable use policy (AUP). If you do not have an existing policy (and possibly even if you do have one), it is a good idea to discuss safety and acceptable use issues with students before they are given access to the Internet. This section explores acceptable use by providing informational sites to assist in developing an AUP and dealing with safety issues.

Citing Internet Resources

Your Web pages should be as accurate as you can make them. Citing a reference to a source of information, whether it is a journal article, a portion of a book, or a Web page will add reliability to your pages. This page contains examples and links regarding the proper form to use when citing resources from the Internet.

Classroom Management

There are many questions to consider before utilizing technology and the engaged learning strategy in your classroom. A well-planned unit will be far more beneficial to your students and far more manageable for you! Here are some things to consider. . . .

Copyright Issues

Proper credit must be given for information and graphics. Before you use material found on the Internet, you should obtain permission from the author of the page and/or artist of the graphics. On this page, you will find references and information on how to obtain permission and give credit to the person responsible for creating the information and/or graphics you wish to use.


Netiquette is the "dos and don'ts" of communicating on the Internet covering common courtesy and informal rules of what is and is not acceptable behavior online. This page provides resources for exploring what is appropriate online behavior.

Finding, Writing, and GETTING the Right Grant for YOU!

These are just a sampling of likely events which many of us will or have faced to find sources for funding. Strategies for success in the grant-writing process—how to write a grant and what to do once you receive one (besides spend the money)—are included.