Are We On Solid Ground?
E-mail Outline

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At least every other day, one member from each group will e-mail a summary of their group's findings to the teacher. Before beginning, you need to read the Communication Tips page.

The reporter of this summary will rotate within members of the group.  Below is the outline you should use.

Group Members:


  1. What topics has your group investigated?
  2. Which Internet sites did you group visit? Which ones did your group like best? Why? Which ones did your group like least? Why?
  3. What activities has your group completed? What activities do you plan to do next?
  4. What does your group need help with? How has your group been working together - do you need any assistance with getting everyone to cooperate?
Student Pages
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Author(s): Starr Bright, Theresa Owens, Lu Anne Smith
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Created: March 21, 2001 - Updated: April 9, 2001