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Save the Nature Trail Project

Environmental Links

Let's find out what other people know about the environment. You can:

    • Look in the library
    • Talk to experts
    • Look for information online

You may find some of the newest information on the Web. Below are links to Websites that have good information about the environment. Click on the links until you find something that interests you. In your journal write down the location of the site. It is at the top of your page and begins with http:// Take notes on what you learn. You may bookmark the location of useful Websites.



Second Grade Links

Explorers Club

Working With Maps


Explore The Fantastic Forest

E Patrol

Ranger Rick's Kids Zone

Kids Web

Kid's World


MPCA Kid's Page

Earth Dog

Eco Games

Miss Maggie

Seventh Grade Links

Sierra Club

Improving Kid's Environment

Kids For Saving The Earth

Conservation For Students

Kids For A Clean Environment

World Environment Page

Project Environment: Kids In Action

Earth Preservers

Kids Corner

Recycle City

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Author(s): Chuck Bouthilet, Greg Paulsen, & Paul Uhren
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Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: April 18, 2001