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The novel, Tangerine, by a teacher named Edward Bloor, is set in the town of Tangerine, Florida which is located a few miles northwest of Orlando, Florida. Use the following link to a Yahoo Map where you can learn more about this town (click on "find a map"). Examine the pictures below of Tangerine, Florida where I (Linda Nelson) visited recently. The Post Office, the Tangerine Improvement Society (meeting hall), the Tangerine Community Church, and nearby Tangerine groves where I and my sister are pictured. To learn a little bit more about Tangerine, Florida carefully read the following document from the Tangerine Improvement Society (link one and link two).

In the novel, Tino and his brothers and sister live in a tangerine grove. They are from the poor side of town. They are working class people who are the actual heroes of the novel, as you will find. To see pictures of actual people in the tangerine groves picking fruit, please click on http://nelsonfamilyfarms.com. These people actually farm, produce, and sell fruit. You can even order some!

To accompany our study of the novel, you will need to focus on how people relate to transitions in their lives and how they make decisions in survival scenarios. Could you survive a sudden catastrophic event? Do an Internet search for reviews of survivor books by visiting the following sites: "Dining on the Wilds, Wild Edible Plants" http://www.edibleplants.com; "The Worst-case scenarios book" http://www.worstcasescenarios.com; "The World Survival Institute book reviews for survival" http://www.wildernesssurvival.com/; and some other survival books may be found by specifically indexing them at http://www.amazon.com. Read some of the book reviews found above. Select three reviews and create a bibliography that you would share with other students. These three reviews should include a reason why you selected them as being the best available sources of information on survival.

While we read the novel in class, you will be evaluated on your reading and writing. While reading the novel, you will keep an on-line Double Entry Journal. Examine the example here. Read carefully the directions for this assignment on the student journal page. There will also be weekly Dialectical Journal Writings. Read carefully the instructions for this assignment on the student spreadsheet. You are encouraged to collaborate on these journal writings.


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