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Please HELP Us!!

The Power Rangers Need a New Home!!!

Angel Grove may be destroyed!

Divatox and her evil friends may destroy our home town. We might need a new place to live and work. Can you help us?

We will miss our friends.

Angel Grove is a wonderful home town. We have everything we want. There are fun things to do, and the nicest community helpers you could ever meet. Most of all, Angel Grove has people who are all different. That's important to us because we are all different ourselves! Our families come from all over the world. TJ's family came from Africa a long time ago. Carlos' family speaks Spanish. His grandparents used to live in Mexico. Cassie's family came from Europe when her dad was little. They are Jewish. And so it goes. We're from all over.

That always makes life fun, because we always share the things that make our families special. In Angel Grove, many of us speak different languages as well as English. We all celebrate different holidays, eat different food, play different games, and look different. But everyone gets along. We are always celebrating somebody's special holiday. It is fun.

Now all that might be gone. Divatox may destroy us. It makes us very sad. We need to find a new place to live that will be just as good as Angel Grove is.

Can you help us?

Is your home town like Angel Grove? If it is, maybe we can come live there. Here's what we are looking for in a new town:

  1. What does your community look like? Where is it? Please show us a MAP of your home town.
  2. How many people live in your home town? What kinds of places did they come from? What ages are they? Please show us some GRAPHS or other data about people in your home town. We want to live in a town with people from many different cultures and ethnic groups.
  3. What different languages do people speak in your home town? Please tell us a little bit about those LANGUAGES. We want to live in a town where people speak many different languages in addition to English.
  4. What different HOLIDAYS do people celebrate in your home town? What kinds of special things do people do to celebrate those holidays? Please tell us about how people celebrate. We want to live in a town where people celebrate holidays from all over the world.
  5. What different kinds of FOOD do people eat in your home town? Please explain what the food is like. We want to live in a town where people eat food from all over the world.
  6. How do people like living in your home town? What kinds of things do different people say about living in your home town? What do they like best? What things do they wish were better? Please share some things that people in your community have said to DESCRIBE your home town. We want to live in a town with interesting people.

Please tell us about your home town.

When you have gathered all your information, you will need to send it to us. Please use this special form to tell us all about your home town. We may hear from many different towns that want us to come live with them. So when you write us, you will need to PERSUADE us that your town would be the best place for us to move.


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