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Students in Materials & Processing will be responsible for choosing the best materials and best technology for building a scale roller coaster by following the blue prints from the students in the CADD class previous term. You will be expected to gather and use information from industry experts via email and the WWW. The final student project is expected to achieve five goals.

1. Provide a materials specifications lists for your scale roller coaster.

2. Complete a process flow chart of the operations required for your scale roller coaster and anticipated time line for completion.

3. You will score a 100% on the safety test and follow the shops safety rules at all times.

4. The scale roller coaster must be built to the blueprints provided. Any changes must be approved by industry advisors.

5. Use a daily log book to keep track of what you did each day, how long you spent doing a operation, where you collected information from and most important what you need to know and do for the next day of work.



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INVESTIGATION (What you need to do:)


The first step in solving this problem is to gather information.

1. Go to this site Virtual Roller Coaster and make a roller coaster on line.

2. Make up a list of what your scale roller coaster will ask of building materials. ie; brittleness, hardness, elasticity, dimensional stability.

3. Look at the blueprints that you received from the CADD class. Do you have enough information to meet the specifications?

4. Make a working prototype of the most difficult compound part of your scale roller coaster.


Roller Coaster Web Sites

Listed below are web sites to help you contact Roller Coaster parks, clubs and designers.


Amusement Link: One Source
Amusement Park Books
Coaster Central
Discovery Channel Build a Coaster
The World Wide Guide to Parks, Roller Coasters, Rides, Technology & Topics
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PLANNING (What you need to do:)

Meet with your production team and discuss possible advantages of different materials for your scale roller coaster. Use the data from your investigation to determine what materials to use and the priorities for a process flow chart. Give credit to those industry advisors for any data that you used from outside your team.


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You now want to put all your work into a presentation and Grand Opening.


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Make sure you check the Rubric periodically.

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