To: Second Graders

From: EMO Botanist Team

Re: Help from Student Researchers

By the time you get this message, you should have a very sick plant sitting in your classroom. We need your help. What could have happened to make the plant sick?

What affects plant growth? Why do different plants grow better in some areas than others?

Maybe you can design some experiments to answer these questions. We have some ideas about how to get started. We know soil and weather affect plant growth. Sometimes plants even grow in water without any soil. So, we will have to study how soil or water and weather affect plant growth.

Remember our school weather station has daily weather data. There are other schools on Long Island that have weather stations. Maybe they would like to work with us to compare the plants that grow in their area with those that grow in our area.

Please e-mail us if you think you can help us with our research.

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