Liz Quigg

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory • MS226 • Box 500 • Batavia, IL 60510 • 630 840-2631 •

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I am a web/multimedia developer at Fermilab. My main mission is to enhance science education with technology. Most of my projects are for the Fermilab Education Office and require the collaboration of many people - computer and video specialists, graphic designers, scientists, educators and students. At Fermilab, this means members of the Computing Division, Visual Media Services, Office of Public Affairs, Education Office, scientists and engineers, and teachers and students. My work has involved a number of areas: multimedia production, video production, animation, graphics design, web development, databases, programming, exhibit design and development, mastering scientific content and evaluating hardware and software. Over the years, I have become a "jack of all trades", but as these areas become specialities, I become more and more a "master on none". I welcome you to explore some of the work I have done with my many collaborators.

Last Updated: January 2006