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More about Multiple Intelligences

Seven Ways of Teaching:

This is a review of the book. It gives a simple overview of Multiple Intelligences and summarizes current research.

Multiple Intelligences:

This is a comprehensive sight hosted by the Kentucky Department of Education. It gives examples of software which matches certain intelligences and includes an on-line survey for those interested in finding their strongest intelligence.

MI-The Theory

EdWeb, a site that explores technology and school reform, is hosted by Andy Carvin from Harvard University. He describes Multiple Intelligences and includes a description of the Eighth Intelligence called the Naturalist Intelligence.

How to Teach or Learn Anything 8 Different Ways
Written by Thomas Armstrong, this site summarizes his books about Multiple Intelligences.

Kagan OnLine

This is an web-based newsletter that discusses practical ways to teach using the principals of Multiple Intelligences and cooperative Learning. Publishes a monthly newsletter about Multiple Intelligences.

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