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Energy and Ecosystems: Prairie, Water and Woods Program (grades 6–9)

Energy and Ecosystems: Prairie, Water and Woods (6–9)
Energy and Ecosystems features ecosystem services, engineering components, and field studies where students take scientific data. This field trip provides students with authentic experiences using scientific practices and crosscutting concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core Language Arts and Math.
About the Field Trip
Teachers may bring students to Fermilab for free field trips as often as one desires. Students make observations and gather data that provide vital information to help Fermilab's ongoing prairie restoration project. They obtain and communicate information about the similarities and differences of prairie, water and woodland ecosystems. Request a field trip.
Energy and Ecosystems comments:
"Energy and Ecosystems is hands-on, rigorous and engaging. The activities and labs provide opportunities to participate in scientific practices and promote the ideas found in the cross cutting concepts of the Next Generation Science Standards."
"Fermi's docents continue to impress me with their knowledge, their patience, and their outstanding ability to work so well with a difficult age group! I've taken groups to other prairie trips in the area, but this one is always far superior!"

To schedule your field trip, contact us at or call us at 630-840-8258.

About the Field Trip Essentials session

To fully prepare your students for a physical science or life science visit, you must participate in either a two-hour training session or a summer Teacher Workshop. These will give you all the information and resources to implement engaging preparatory activities in the classroom that introduce the essential concepts, content, and logistics of the field trip. Your participation will allow your students to learn more about the research and ecology of Fermilab and to better appreciate their on-site experience.

Two-hour Field Trip Essentials sessions:
  • Registration required three weeks prior.
    Location: Lederman Science Center
    Time: 4:15–6:15 p.m., with a 10-minute break
    Fee: Free of charge
    You must have a REAL ID-compliant document, such as an enhanced driver's license or passport, to enter Fermilab. Visit for more information.

About the Teacher Workshop
Three ecosystems in one workshop: prairie, water and woods. Investigate the dynamics of nature including energy cycles, resilience and biodiversity to reveal interdependent relationships among organisms within prairie, water and woodland ecosystems. Learn biological principles and how to use standard ecological measurement techniques to teach students to investigate, assess and compare these different habitats. If you have already attended an Energy and Ecosystems workshop, you can still attend and get credit for this new workshop.

More information on our workshops can be found here.

Quotes from Participants:
"I am overwhelmed by the info, the activities, the wealth of resources — both written and supplies. This is the over-all best class I've ever had."
"It offered a lot of great instructional materials; allowed me to expand my understanding and experience material I would be presenting to my class."

Energy and Ecosystems Field Trip:

  • Teachers may bring students to Fermilab for free field trips.
  • Students must be age 10 or older.
  • Must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.
  • Field Trips are available Monday–Friday starting in September each school year.
  • Group size: Minimum of 10; maximum of 140
  • Chaperones: One adult chaperone (instructor or responsible adult) for every 10 students. We recommend that groups bring extra chaperones to ensure that the minimum number make the trip. Tours are not permitted for groups that arrive without the minimum number of required chaperones.
  • Groups may bring lunches to eat at our outdoor picnic tables.