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The Education Office FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the difference between the Education Office and the Lederman Science Center?

The Education Office is in charge of all the programs, classes, events, and workshops. The Lederman Science Center is the venue for many of these programs and houses the Teacher Resource Center, hands-on exhibits, a lab and a store selling logo items and science toys. The Education Office staff works on both the 15th floor of Wilson Hall and at the Lederman Science Center. The main office is on the 15th floor.

Q: What are the hours of the Lederman Science Center?

The center is open Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Q: What activities do you offer for children? For families?

Programs for children of all ages include:

Q: I would like to bring my class to Fermilab for a tour/field trip. What do I need to do?

1st-8th grade teachers are required to attend a workshop that corresponds to the field trip. Read about field trips. High school teachers may bring high school students. More information may be found at /programs/tours/. Contact Lori Haseltine at 630-840-5588.

Q: I would like to bring my home school group to Fermilab for a field trip. What do I need to do?

All educators 1st-8th grade teachers are required to attend a workshop that corresponds to the field trip. Read about field trips. Educators may bring high school aged students (14 and above) to Fermilab for tours. Contact Lori Haseltine at 630-840-5588.

Q: Are there any tours available for my family?

Families with children aged 10 and above may join the Monday Get to Know Fermilab tour at 1:00 PM. More information. Families with younger children may visit the Lederman Science Center.

Q: Are private tours available?

Groups of 10 or more visitors (minimum age 10) may schedule private tours by contacting Lori Haseltine at 630-840-5588. More Information.

Q: What volunteer opportunities are available for members of the technical staff?

Check out our list of volunteer opportunities.

Q: As a Fermilab employee, how can I arrange for a scientist to visit my child's school?

Contact Shelly Helms at 630-840-8259.

Q: I want to visit my child's classroom; what resources are available to me?

The Teacher Resource Center has a variety of demos and activities you may borrow. Contact Susan Dahl at x3094.

Q: What resources are available in the Teacher Resource Center?

Contact Susan Dahl of the Teacher Resource Center at x3094 to find about:

  • Instructional resources that a teacher can preview.
  • Good scientific books and activities for children.
  • Fermilab materials available for teachers.
Q: What internships or job shadowing possibilities are available for high school students?

There are two internship programs:

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer job shadowing opportunities at this time.

Q: Can I use a project/task code to purchase items from the gift shop for a Fermilab event?

Yes. Contact Gayle Millman at x5060.

Q: Do you charge sales tax for gift shop purchases?

Yes, if they're personal purchases. If they're purchased for a Fermilab event/with Fermilab money, it is tax exempt.

Q: I need a Fermilab logo item not sold at the store for a special event. Who can I contact? What do I do?

Contact Gayle Millman, the store manager, at X5060 for information.

Q: How does Fermilab Friends for Science Education, FFSE, support Fermilab education programs?

Unlike the Fermilab Education Office, Fermilab Friends for Science Education, an Illinois 501c3 not-for-profit organization, can obtain funds that Fermi Research Alliance, as the manager of Fermilab cannot obtain. FFSE members, donors and contributors support a variety of requests from the Fermilab Education Office.