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Field Trips

Our interactive field-studies program provides students with authentic experiences using scientific practices and cross-cutting concepts from the Next Generation Science Standards.

To fully prepare your students for a physical science or life science visit, you must participate in either a two-hour training session or a summer Teacher Workshop. These will give you all the information and resources to implement engaging preparatory activities in the classroom that introduce the essential concepts, content, and logistics of the field trip. Your participation will allow your students to learn more about the research and ecology of Fermilab and to better appreciate their on-site experience.

Fermilab's Field Trip programs:

Information on Summer Teacher Workshops

Two-hour Field Trip Essentials sessions:
  • Registration required three weeks prior.
    Location: Lederman Science Center
    Time: 4:15–6:15 p.m., with a 10-minute break
    Fee: Free of charge
    You must have a REAL ID-compliant document, such as an enhanced driver's license or passport, to enter Fermilab. Visit for more information.


Visiting teachers said of their field trip experiences:

"Fermi's docents continue to impress me with their knowledge, their patience, and their outstanding ability to work so well with a difficult age group! I've taken groups to other prairie trips in the area, but this one is always far superior!"

The docents "were great once again. The kids walked out with their minds on fire and a few are interested in studying accelerator physics now. Amazing. Please pass on to your docents and your scientist how much we appreciated the quality of their presentations and efforts."