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Were The Three Bears Robbed? 

An Issue of Teen Rights

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 To be successful in school and in the world of work, students must be able to use a wide variety of information resources (written, visual and electronic). They must also know how to frame questions for inquiry, identify and organize relevant information and communicate it effectively in a variety of formats. These skills are critical in school across all learning areas and are key to successful career and lifelong learning experiences.



 You will be studying the Constitution Amendments through the use of fairy tale characters. Read the fairy tale assigned to you. Identify any rights that have been violated and then research the Constitutional amendments to support your findings.

Tech Component:

Students will be asked to search the internet using their homework responses and log/print the results of the search for the top 10  queries.  The printout's are placed in the students "Rights" folder.  Special Note: Students will be asked to Briefly review a netiquette website and the Chicago Public School's standards for usage. Instructor redirects search to a specific legal or political sites to ensure students are on track for social studies assignment. Legal Site, Law Firm,  and/or Political Site  


Students will be asked to answer survey questions, analyze the results and make a bar graph of their findings.

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Team Members:     Mable Newman, Annette Campbell,
Rita Wiliams-Jones
School:Robert A. Black Magnet & Newberry Academy

Created: October 18, 1997 - Updated: December 8, 1997

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