Books available at the River Falls Public Library


Author: Lipman, Doug.

Title: We all go together : creative activities for children to use with multicultural folksongs

Imprint Phoenix : Oryx Press, 1994.

CALL #: 372.8704 Lip

Summary: Creative activities for children to use with multicultural folksongs

Author: Miller-Lachmann, Lyn, 1956-

Title: Our Family Our Friends Our World

Imprint: New Providence, New Jersey Bowker 1992

CALL #: 016.862 Mil

Summary: An annotated guide to significant multicultural books for children and teenagers

Author: Barchers, Suzanne I.

Title: Multicultural folktales : readers theatre for elementary students

Imprint: Englewood, Colo. : Teacher Ideas Press, 2000.

CALL #: 372.676 Bar

Author: Matiella, Ana.

Title: The Multicultural Carterpillar

Imprint: Santa Cruz, CA Network Publications 1990

CALL #: 372.13 Mai

Summary: Introduces children to the concepts of culture and cultural diversity with hands-on activities.

Author: Robinson, Dindy.

Title: World cultures through art activities; illustrated by Rebecca Estes

Imprint: Englewood, CO Libraries Unlimited 1996

CALL #: 372.5044 Rob and 372.5 Rob

Summary: Includes art activities for the study of China, Japan, India, Australia, Africa, Israel, Egypt, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, England, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Scandinavia, Hawaii, and Native Americans.


Books available at Rocky Branch Media Center

Students will explore books and videos related to their particular culture during an assigned LMC time.


Education Communications Board
Instructional Television Programs and Multi-Media:
(Available from Rocky Branch Media Center)

I Love Music!

Curricular area: Social studies/Music education

Grade levels: K-6

Number of programs: 30

Length of programs: 7 minutes

Sample program: "Japan: Yutaro and His Drum"

Series description: This series features child hosts, each of whom introduces viewers to the culture of their country through the instruments they play and the festivals, ceremonies, costumes, rhythms, and dances of their heritage. Designed to present cultural similarities and differences, the programs support primary and intermediate social studies curriculum standards requiring that children understand diverse multicultural and artistic expressions, family life, and world geography and cultures.


My Beautiful House!

Curricular area: Social studies

Grade levels: K-6

Number of programs: 30

Length of programs: 7 minutes

Sample program: "Thailand: My House on Stilts in Thailand"

Series description: This series travels from tropical riverside to island to desert to big city, exploring people's homes and lives in 23 countries around the world. The child host of each program tells about organization, food preparation, sleeping, clothing, and family relationships in his/her home. Programs show cultural differences and similarities, aligning with primary and intermediate social studies curriculum standards.


My Animal and Me

Curricular area: Social Studies

Grade levels: 2-4

Number of programs: 24

Length of programs: 15-minutes

Series description: My Animal and Me features children from every inhabited continent on Earth. They introduce their animal friends and show how these animals are part of the cultural heritage and current lifestyles of their countries.


Cultural Horizons of Wisconsin

Curricular area: Social Studies

Grade levels: 2-6

Length of programs: 30-minutes (Videos and CD-Rom)

Series description: There are 20 "cultural visits to children and adults from different heritage groups in real places all around Wisconsin. The CD's "Explorer" section provides a database of information about every ethnic group with 400 or more members now living in Wisconsin.



Internet Sites

Join Ophelia Owl & Parsifal Penguin on their worldwide tour Culture is the customs, beliefs, arts and institutions of a group of people. Parsifal has spent his entire life in Antarctica where there is no culture to speak of--just a few research stations where people eat freeze-dried spam and play checkers. Parsifal is eager to become a world citizen through his travels with the knowledgeable Ophelia Owl. Perched on his wing, Ophelia will explain and describe the world that she has experienced through reading all the books in the Fowlerville Public Library. Learn more about Ophelia & Parsifal. Join Parsifal and Ophelia as they sample the delicious cuisines, play the games, see the museums full of arts, crafts and history, hear the folktales and learn about the holidays & festivals of many of the world's cultures.

The Multi-Cultural Calendar features holidays from all over the world, submitted by children. If you are looking for holiday ideas for alternate celebrations or research try this page from KidLink, or check Yahooligan's holiday links.

This web sites talk about what life would be like in different countries in terms of food, schools, holidays and a typical day in the country.

This site shows the flags to various countries around the world.

This site provides links to various web pages of schools around the world.

This is a travel site to various cities around the world with facts about the city.

This site provides physical and political maps along with facts about many countries.

This site provides cultural information for various countries.


E-Mail Links

Links will be added before the project begins and will include students who are members of the MultiCultural Group at the University and members of various multicultural groups in the Twin Cities.

This is a website where keypals can be set up.

IECC is intended for teachers seeking partner classrooms for international and cross-cultural e-mail exchanges. This list is not for discussion or for people seeking individual penpals.



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