Student Task

Pouring the Foundation (Introduction)

You've participated in a class discussion about community, culture and acceptance. Now is your time to further explore those ideas looking at one culture. You have selected a culture that interests you and have been placed in a group with 3-5 other students. Your group's task during the next three weeks will be to develop additional questions about your specific culture by making a K-W-L chart, develop an action plan to help you learn more about the culture, and work with several university students to develop a presentation to help your classmates and the community learn more about many cultures. Your learning will be displayed on our class web page. We want to have a community in and outside of our school that understands and accepts the differences of all people.


Framing Up The Bridge (Process)

  1. In your group, talk about what you want to learn about your culture and how you would do that. Complete the K-W-L chart that lists what you already know and what you want to learn.

  2. Look at the progress check (rubric) to guide your work and to understand how your work will be assessed. Discuss the rubric in your group and ask your teacher if you have questions.

  3. Complete the action plan to help you decide who will do what and when. You should decide on roles, resources and a timeline to answer your questions about your culture and be able to share your learning with your classmates and the community.

  4. One member of your group will visit with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Multi-Cultural Diversity group to explain your project and ask for their assistance in developing a presentation for your classmates and the River Falls Community.

  5. Develop a presentation plan to share your learning and help the community understand people moving into River Falls from other countries. Think about what you can do to make people from other cultures/ethnicities feel more comfortable at our school and in our community.

  6. Complete a weekly journal to think about your learning. (Day 5,10,15, and 20)

  7. With your group, assess your progress by completing the progress check (rubric) and K-W-L chart. (Day 5,10, and 15)


Nailing the Bridge Planks (Presentation)

  1. Invite members of the Civic Organization to your class presentation of your cultures.

  2. Your group will present your learning about your culture and how you suggest developing acceptance of others. You will complete the content rubric for your own group and one other group. The Civic Group members will be asked to complete the content rubric to give your information about your presentation.

  3. One member of your group will meet with the Civic Organization to plan a community presentation.

  4. Present your projects to the community. You may want to consider video-taping or taking digital pictures to include on your web page.

  5. Post your learning on the class web page and advertise to the community.



Action Plan

Weekly Journaling

Bridge Construction
(Task Page)



KWL Chart