Community: Building Bridges


Process Rubric: Developed for students to guide their project

Content Rubric: Developed jointly by students and teachers

Process Rubric


Learner Outcomes
Volunteer relevant information No responses during class brainstorming 1-2 responses during daily class discussions 3-5 responses during brainstorming and class discussions Consistent responses during brainstorming and class discussion  
Ask questions and answer questions directly during class discussion No questions or answers are volunteered 1-3 questions are answered; no questions are asked 2-4 questions are answered; 1-3 questions are asked

Consistent volunteering to answer questions; frequently asking questions

Use appropriate methods to keep a discussion going No attempt at participation in discussion 1-2 questions are asked to continue discussion 3-5 questions are asked and contributes comments in discussion

More than 6 questions and 6 comments are contributed in discussion

Write questions to focus topic and identifies what student already knows Does not complete KWL Begins KWL chart with knowledge only Completes knowledge section and 1-3 questions Complete the KWL chart with prior knowledge and questions  
Locate information from Internet sites and web pages and select information to answer questions Does not collect any information related to topic Collects 3-5 pieces of information-some relates to topic Collects 4-9 pieces of information-most relate to topic Collects over 10 pieces of information related to topic  
Develop action plan Some tasks (1 or less a day) are listed but don't follow in order to complete plan Tasks (2-3 a day) are listed for every day but don't follow in order to complete plan and completion isn't met Tasks are listed in order and responsibilities are defined for roles identified in group. Details of steps in action plan included for all 20 days  
Fulfill role in team Does not perform any duties of assigned team role Performs less than half of the duties of role Performs more than half of the duties of role Performs all duties of the assigned role  
Share equally Always relies on others to do the work Rarely does the assigned work-often needs reminding by group members Usually does the assigned work-rarely needs reminding Always does the assigned work without having to be reminded  
Listen to other teammates Is always talking-never allows anyone else to speak Usually doing most of the talking-rarely allows others to speak Listens, but sometimes talks too much Listens and speaks a fair amount  
Cooperate with teammates Usually argues with teammates Sometimes argues Rarely argues Never argues with teammates  
Make fair decisions Usually wants to have things your way Often sides with friends instead of considering all views Usually considers all views Always helps team to reach a fair decision  
Product/Presentation Complete this portion of the rubric on Day 15 only.
Develop a product or presentation to share learning with another audience Product is oral report and information is read to audience Product is report Presentation uses technology and provides information to audience Presentation uses technology and has the audience participating in the learning  
Presentation is in a logical order that helps audience understands the learning There is no order to the presentation; each speaker presents their learning about the culture but not in any order Each speaker presents their information in order and summarizes learning The speakers jointly present their learning and connect their experiences The speakers use charts, pictures and other resources to help audience understand their culture  

Develop a web page to share learning


Web Page is a listing of information only Web Page is information, and ideas to help students and community understand other cultures Web Page includes information about culture, products from the presentation

Web Page includes information about culture, products from the presentation and resources for the community and members of other cultures


Content Rubric

Rubric will be developed jointly by second and third grade students, university students and teachers. Content learner outcomes that will be a part of the rubric include:

Top of Page


Action Plan

Weekly Journaling

Bridge Construction
(Task Page)



KWL Chart



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Author(s): Lois Martin, Trish Graves, Sue Selbin
School: CESA #11, Turtle Lake, WI
Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: April 18, 2001