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March 15, 2001

River Falls Expands
"Community" and Culture

John Jones, local chairperson of the River Falls Community Civic Group, announced today that the RFCCG will be sponsoring the relocation of three families from India. Working in conjunction with the local business development board, the three families are moving into the area to establish an import business of East Indian products. Each family has school age children that will be attending Rocky Branch Elementary School.

Mr. Jones reported that the community will benefit in a variety of ways through the sponsorship of the Indian families. First, it will increase the business base of River Falls. Secondly, it will expand the diversity of the community and enrich the lives of all members. These families add to the variety of cultures already present in our community. The University continues to expand their foreign student population and this sponsorship provides one more opportunity for all River Falls citizens to appreciate the richness of other cultures.




RFCCG...River Falls Community Civic Group
Building a Better Tomorrow Today

April 1, 2001

Dear Students of Second and Third Grade Students of Rocky Branch Elementary School:

I understand that your class studies communities during the year. I would like you to consider expanding that study to include people from other cultures that have or will be joining our community and how we might make them feel comfortable and accepted.

You may have heard or read in the newspaper that the River Falls Community will be sponsoring the relocation of three East Indian families. All families have children that will be students in your school. We would like you to help the community understand their culture as well as recognize the cultures that presently exist in the community.

Would you be interested in working with the River Falls Community Civic Group to assist these families in their relocation process? Do you have ideas how we might teach other community members about various cultures in our community?

I look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to come to your classroom to speak about this project and plan together.


John Jones,
Chairperson, River Falls Community Civic Group



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Author(s): Lois Martin, Trish Graves, Sue Selbin
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