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The class has completed their questions and brought them back into the classroom. If there is time in the class period, they will finish this activity today. If there is not enough time, put the questions aside until the next class period. When you are done you should have a good idea of the projects that the class wants to do and the projects the class thinks they can accomplish. You should also find out which classmates will be working together as a team because of their common interest in the same project.

With your twenty questions in front of you cross out five of your questions that would be too hard to do, Take too long to accomplish during this unity, be too complicated to figure out how to do easily, or require equipment that is too expensive or hard to get. (Just draw a single line through the question you cross out

Of the remaining fifteen questions, cross off five questions that you would least like to do. These questions can be crossed off for any reason..

You should have ten questions remaining on your list. Rank your top five questions in the order that you would most like to do them. Mark the question that you would most like to do with the #1, your second favorite with the #2, third with the #3 and so on

Take a pair of scissors and cut out questions 1, 2, and 3 and give them to your teacher. Your teacher will group the questions that seem to be the same. The questions will be taped to the board in their groups. You should see all three of your questions up on the board.

Look at all the questions in each group. There may be some you had not thought of or some that do not interest you. Which question group would you most like to work on? Which group would be your second choice?

Work teams are assembled based upon the student's interest in the question groups. When each team has been set your first order of business is to look at all the questions and gain consensus about a single question to pursue.

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