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The following web sites have been checked out and might be good for starting an investigation on the subject of water control in rivers and streams. Some of them are projects that have extensive resources and actual people you can email, write, or even call.

Title and link
Methods, Protocols, and Lab Procedures for Water Sampling and Testing
GLOBE Instrument Specifications Instructions in how to use specific tools for water study
USGS water science for schools Instructions in how to conduct water studies and water experiments.
Land Cover/Biology Investigation at a Glance Protocols on how to conduct many quantitative and qualitative tests on water
GLOBE protocols for doing dissolved oxygen methods for doing dissolved oxygen in water.
Promoting Watershed Stewardship Protocols for volunteers and lay people for doing many water tests
PROTOCOLS FOR MEASURING BIODIVERSITY Protocols for determining biodiversity in ponds and rivers
EPA Monitoring Water Quality Manual Procedures and protocols by the EPA for monitoring water quality
EPA Biological Indicators of Watershed Health Methods of determining the health of a watershed
EPA Monitoring Water Quality lab procedures Use of macroinvertebrates and other techniques to monitor water quality
Streamkeepers Tools Tools and how to use them to monitor rivers and streams
STREAM MACROINVERTEBRATE PROTOCOL The plan for monitoring streams in Oregon for Watersheds
Sampling protocols for sampling streams Laboratory and field practices for sampling streams for macroinvertebrates
Rouge River Watershed Restoration Project Lots of information about the Rouge river and sampling and testing
EPA Urban Waters management design Protocols Information and protocols on how to maintain sustainable urban watersheds
National Center for Environment Research Urban watershed management integration water quality and flood control
US Department of Interior Watershed Council Data Management Assistance "Science in Your Watershed" Method of data integration for watershed assessment. Lots of information and protocols
Data, Maps, Background Information, Flood Control, Rouge and Huron Rivers
Water management and flood control Information about flood control
Great Lakes Information Network Information and maps about the great lakes and watershed information
GIS and Watershed Management
Rouge River, Michigan with name and addresses for contacting people working in the field of water management
The Huron Watershed Initiative Information about the Huron River and a project that is run through there
The Huron River Watershed Council Current information about the Huron River
Storm Water Management: A review of alternative storm water management for the southeast Michigan area including the Rouge River
Overview of the Rouge River

Including the history, topology, the watershed, statistics, surface geology/soils

The Rouge River Project Information about the whole Rouge River. Data and Experts
The federal government Environmental Protection Agency' report on the Rouge River Very detailed. Lots of data and Experts
Friends of the Rouge An organization that is dedicated to educating people about the Rouge River. Lots of experts to contact
Watershed Progress: Rouge River Watershed, Michigan by the EPA
Global Warming's Effect on Weather in Michigan Effects of global warming on the state of Michigan and the resulting problems with flooding.
Seasonal flooding in Michigan Report on flooding in Michigan
Michigan Watershed Organizations

listed with contact addresses, names, and web sites

Resources for Asking Professional and Scientists
Ask an Earth Scientist Don't over use these, but there are 1000s of questions and answers to search or ask a new one
Ask a Mad Scientist Don't over use and search first for your questions before you ask it.
Ask a Federally Employed Scientist You pay for it with your taxes so search first then ask
Ask and Expert They find the expert who can best answer your questions
Ask a Canadian Scientist They won't do your homework but you can ask a question
Ask a Scientist Contact a scientist directly

The following sites are from the organization that made this web project possible.

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Key Words to use in search engines
Rouge River
Huron River
flood control
storm management
wetland management
(add your own and share them)

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