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You have clicked and arrived here so I can guess that you would like to participate in this project.

What is the project? We have been requested by the head of the Hydrology Study for Cranbrook Schools to provide them with our assessment of the waterway that flows through Cranbrook Schools. Lawton school has been asked to help to be a control for this study because they are on a similar watershed with the same comments. We need to figure out what studies are possible and what studies will help us in finding solutions to the problem of flooding along the Rouge River.

Do you know how to do that? Let's figure out how to do this task.

We will spend the whole school year on this project learning all the science we have to through the project. There will be a lot of freedom to tailor your part but in the end everything needs to be a polished and professional as we can make it so we can be proud to present it to the officials in charge of this river analyses.

There will need to be some organization so we can get a good start on this project. Making a lists of things to do is a way to get started.

Here is a list to start with.(It is only our brainstorm so you can add to it if you can think of something more or you can eliminate some of these ideas if you can not see their point)

Of course your teachers have a few ideas about this, but no answers. The assistance and support for this project we have put into "Hints". The Hints are just that: our best answers to some of your most common questions about how to do this project. We may need to add more hints when we get into the project to help other schools that want to do a project like this.

Before you ask, please see the answers to the questions that we as teachers knew you would all ask. If the answers are not there then ask your question


click here for Answers to your questions an outline of the project


Check the Hints Page to help you get organized

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