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Below is an example of the rubric we would like to start with. After review by students some items may be eliminated or items can be added to effectively assess student progress towards the final goals and to evaluate the projects for future years.

Items for Assessment



Some Evidence




No Evidence


Research using computer sources          
Web site information taken          
Notes taken from identified sites          
Notes organized for use in report          
Demonstration of effective use of search engine          
Demonstrate use of Key Words to search          
Research techniques using library resources          
Bibliographic information complete          
Notes taken from identified sources          
Notes organized for use in the report          
Data collection and analyses          
Field data present          
Data organized in charts or tables          
Analyses complete and accurate          
Data and analysis posted to web site          
Collaboration between watersheds          
Collaboration occurred          
Watershed comparison evident          
Watershed concept applied          
Watershed defined clearly          
Watershed mapped accurately          
Contact with government agency          
Agency appropriate to study          
Information gathered          
Agency information used in the report          
Urbanization concept included in report          
concept explained          
concept accurately used          
Final report          
Students work contributes to final report          
Student participates in final report          
Report accurate and well written          
Data analyzed and supports conclusions          
Research documented          
Bibliography correct and accurate          
Scientific Method          
Steps of scientific methods evident in report          
Students participate in evaluation of others experiments in discussions          
Student Log Book          
Daily entries made with date goals and accomplishments          
Daily log book checked by team weekly          

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Author(s): Miles Robinson (mrobinson@cranbrook.edu), Brian Schad (schad@aaps.k12.mi.us )
Cranbrook Schools, Kingswood Girl's Middle School, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and Lawton Elementary Ann Arbor, Michigan
Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: April 18, 2001
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