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(Kids you will make this page look like you want it to look)


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Ok kids, a relatively blank page to start with. You will need to be creative with this web page but please don't over do (and for sure do not under do). We have a few suggestions about web pages in general and this one specifically. Remember this page is not one persons but will be used by a lot of people and will need to be user friendly.

It needs to be organized so it will communicate to all who use it.

It needs to be able to be easily used by a lot of different people.

Navigation on the web page needs to be easy and consistent

Pages need to be laid out on paper before adding them so they are linked logically and can be found.

Only the webmasters will put the information on the web page, but everyone needs to get the information ready to upload.

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Pages for Students
Scientific Method
Web Research Form
Focusing Investigation
20 Questions
Table of content
Defining Questions
Splitting the Computer Screen
Rubric for Grading
Final Product
What to do Next