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To help you get started with the project, you will find links to Web sites on this page which deal with the science and art of bridges and bridge building. Other resources held in the Principles of Technology library are listed below which may also be of use in your design project.


Corbett, S. (1978) Bridges. New York: Four Winds Press.

Stephens, J. (1976) Towers, Bridges & other Structures. New York: Sterling Publishing Company

Spangenburg, R. (1991) The Story of America's Bridges. New York: Facts on File.

Whitney, C. (1983) Bridges. New York: Greenwich House.

Wollimer, R. (1994, Jan.) Inside the Lab and Out, Concrete is More than it's Cracked Up to Be. Smithsonian, pp. 22-31.

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1.   http://ericir.syr.edu/Projects/Newton/12/Lessons/bridges/html  
      Newton's Apple: Bridge Building (Show #1213)


2.   http://www.fen.bris.ac.uk/civil/projects/BRIDGE.HTM


3.  http://www.portal.ca/~peterv/bb-menu.html 
     Title:  Bridge Building Contest


4. http://charlie.iit.edu/~hsbridge/database/search.cgi/:/public/regions/index
     Title:  World Wide Bridge Building Regions


5.   http://www.cavix.org/techprep/BABOverv.htm
     Title: I Built A Bridge


6.   http://issri.emba.uvm.edu/
     Title:  University of Vermont Intelligent Structural systems Institute


7.   http://www.madisoncounty.com/bridge.html
      Title:  The Bridges of Madison County


8.   http://www.cwru.edu/cse/eciv/bridge.html
      Bridge Building Contest

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