Guidance for Development of Project Components

General Information

Continue working on refining your proposal until it is approved by your facilitator. Your facilitator will e-mail you about this or let you know in the chat.

After your proposal has been approved, you can start working on the project components. Please read the resource links given here when you are working on each component. These resource links provide a description, examples, guiding questions, and a rubric for each component.

You can choose the order you would like to work on the components. If you are not sure what order you prefer, then we suggest asking your facilitator or using the order listed here. It is typical to need to do more than one draft of each component.

If you are working as a team, be sure to check with your facilitator concerning individual and group requirements and expectations.

Project Components

Turning In Your Work

Ask your facilitator what format should be used when turning in work and where to turn it in.

Creating Pages for Your Project

Ask your facilitator for specifics on creating pages for your project.