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You will use these pages to guide you through your task so that you can arrive at the required product in a logical and timely way. Although this project allows you to plan and make decisions in a real-world way, the English Student Pages offer you some general guidelines and suggestions that you may want to consider along the way. If you get stuck, you may ask the teacher for more guidance; however, one of the objectives of this project is to help you complete a task by using problem solving individually and in a team environment. If you do come to the teacher for guidance, please bring the question as well as some possible answers or solutions. If you have not used any problem-solving strategies prior to coming for help, the teacher will send you and your team back together to brainstorm strategies for finding a solution.

The Task:

By the end of one semester (eighteen weeks) your class will have created a written document (i.e., brochure, newsletter, ad campaign, etc.) and a multimedia presentation that you will present to a student and parent assembly as well as to the school board. Your presentation will demonstrate the importance of having strong English skills in the field of aviation. Your purposes in creating these final products are: to convince the community that an aviation academy must include a strong English curriculum component; and to recruit students to enroll in the academy. To reach the final product you will:

        answer the question What does an aviation academy look like?

        answer the question What does English have to do with the field of aviation?

        provide evidence of a variety of English skills and concepts that professionals in the field of aviation use.

        show the relationship of the English skills and concepts to the state mandated Language Arts Standards.

        work effectively in a team environment to solve problems that arise in the investigation of the original question.

        demonstrate the ability to evaluate your progress and your peers progress throughout the various phases of the project.

        rely on the teacher as a facilitator rather than the dictator of the process.

        read a literary work of merit that supports your investigation of English in aviation.

        use technology to enhance the more traditional methods of investigation.


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