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Ready for Research?   No, this is not the old school way with a dusty card
catalog and books and the librarian with a pencil in her bun whispering,
"hush."  This is a new day and there is a new way with cyberspace and CD ROMS
and email, too.  Research is no longer confined to what is within the walls
of your school library.  And students are making decisions about where and
what to research.

You have a challenge before you.  You have the opportunity to help design an
aviation academy and to tell the School Board what courses should be included
and why.  This is a chance for you to have a say in what you learn and how
you demonstrate what you learn.

You will need to have the facts. You will need to do the research.  Fiction
will not get the job done.  You will have choices and you will be able to
make decisions about your education, your career, and your future.  Are you
ready for the challenge?

Your Task
Review your task under the Student Travel Itinerary page.

Getting Started
There are lots of aviation resources available both in print and electronic formats.  
Cyberspace research is not much different from searching for information in
books and magazines. Once you determine the subject and map out your course
for research you will be on your way. 

As a group you will want to decide how to approach your investigation.
1.  What is the task?  What is it that is expected? 
2.  What resources are available?  Which ones are best?
3.  What search strategies will your group use?
4.  What will you do with the information? How will you synthesize the data?
5.  What does the final product look like?


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American Library Association's Kids Connect


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Author(s): Sandra Lane (sandlane90@hotmail.com)
School: Vallejo High School, Vallejo, CA
Created: February 15, 2001 - Updated: December 28, 2002
URL: http://www-ed.fnal.gov/lincon/w01/projects/aviation/librarystart.htm